Multiple Disciplines for one Hugely successful event!

Earth Jam is an annual spring music festival hosted by Common Ground at Plymouth State University. Common Ground is an on campus organization that promotes environmental awareness and sustainable practices through volunteering, clean-up’s, fundraising, and various events throughout the school year, managing, hosting, and going out with a bang for Earth Jam! Common Ground President, Sydney Copp, gave me an inside scoop on what makes its all about “it is a solar powered music festival that’s purpose is to provide entertainment, information, and advocate for a sustainable life and meanwhile have fun doing it!” 

The festival is an all day event that highlights  Earth Day and celebrates the spring season, just a week before the annual Spring Fling. Typically it features half a dozen bands, ranging from Plymouth based bands such as Pardon the Spins and Elephant, to larger East Coast bands such as Harsh Armadillo and Viral Sound. All of which is feel good music that keeps the energy high and everybody’s feet dancing!

Earth Jam sign 2012

Earth Jam has been hugely successful in recent years and draws a lot of attention due to its unique sustainable features. The whole ten hour festival is completely solar powered from the food vendors to the musical acts. That’s a whole lot of power! While also featuring other sustainable aspects such as signs made of recycled materials, booths featuring environmental engagement groups, and the local food sources and community involvement for the festival. All of these things promoting environmental and sustainability awareness in 400 average student body and community members who attend the festival.

It also strikes inspiration in the hearts of many environmentalists on campus, such as myself, who dream of a greener future. Fortunately, the students here at Plymouth State get to be part of such an amazing event that gives us a taste of what the future of sustainable event planning could be.

This fun and engaging event is great for all ages! The sustainable theme of this festival gives it an aspect to feel good about. Dancing, singing, and jamming, that’s good for the environment! A fun loving cause everybody can get behind. Check out this years event on Facebook.



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