Fighting stereotypes with perspective taking

In interdisciplinary studies, perspective taking theory involves analyzing the problem from the perspective of each interested discipline and identifying the differences and similarities between them, according to Repko. This applies to how complex problems are viewed from an interdisciplinary standpoint, because it involves taking the perspective of many different standpoints.

This generally gives a more wholesome view of a problem, because you are negating having just one point of view that is your own, and influenced by your background and studies. This is also vital because it gives inter disciplinarians a better view of others, when we adopt their viewpoints or try to understand their perspective. When you view a problem through another persons lens you get a better understanding of who they are,their concerns and are less likely to generalize or stereotype.

Why is this important? Well the answer is quite obvious, if an inter disciplinarian trying to solve a problem needs to take another perspective, it is usually because that party is usually affected by or involved with the problem somehow. So, not only does it give one a more wholesome perspective, by viewing it from other standpoints, but it takes away negative stereotypes one might associate with others they may not have a comprehensive understanding of, as well as helping produce a better solution for the parties you took the perspective of.

I would personally like to see more people pick up this practice, because it gives an interdisciplinary perspective to people even if they study a certain discipline. I believe it can make any understanding of a problem more comprehensive and thorough, and also makes a person more open to understanding others and their perspective. It is both beneficial to the individual in everyday practice, and also helps people be a more globally aware citizen. I challenge¬†you to try applying this practice, and take another’s perspective in the next problem you may think about or try to tackle!

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