A new lense- the Interdisciplinary Lens

A lens is an easy way of saying the perspective someone see’s issues through. Which is mainly based on your personality and upbringing before you have formed opinions and had altering experiences. Typically, someone with a major personality trait or who study in a certain discipline, they see the world with a subconscious bias on whatever subject or problem they are looking at. This influences the problem they see, how they think it can be dealt with and the resources seen as available to them. This can be limiting in a number of ways, because it doesn’t give context to the bigger picture that a distinct lens can often miss. It’s kind of like seeing that your spring flowers aren’t blooming, and thinking its because you didn’t water them enough, not because the bees are dying and your flowers didn’t get a chance to be pollinated and plant their seed again for this year.

Luckily, there is a lens that can avoid this pin hole perspective and expand your way of thinking with infinite possibilities across multiple disciplines, yes you guessed it, its the interdisciplinary lens! This is a unique lens that people gain through Interdisciplinary studies. It can show you how to think critically about the context or bigger picture, and all the components that may go into a problem and then be able to utilize multiple disciplines and lots of different knowledge to tailor specifically to whatever problem you are facing. It is creative and unique, and can lead to the most effective outcome possible. So why settle for one measly way to look at the world, when you can look at it Interdisciplinarily and see a picture(or made up word) you’ve never imagined possible!

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