Hello reader of this blog post, I am Megan, the creator and writer of this blog. Its primary purpose is to help me start writing professionally about the critical thinking I do every day for classes, personal experiences and for my career. This specific post is just to tell any one who is curious, an insight about who I am right now. I am currently an Interdisciplinary Studies major at Plymouth State, and am loving my first academic year in New Hampshire. I am a Gemini and strongly believe that is the explanation for my severe opinions and kind but decisive heart. I have a strong passion for the arts. Almost anything can spark my imagination for a new project, from recycled crafts, or jewelry making, to patch work and painting! I love seeing live music, and go to a concert or festival almost every month. In this past year I have found a new love for hooping, and I do it about every day! I also love to experience the outdoors and have a strong demanding curiosity about sustainability. I hope to be able to continue learning about all my passions through personal and academic pursuit. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say in the future.


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